Id-ul-Azha, Id-ul-Zuha or Bakr-id is an important festival for Muslims all around the world. it is also known as the’ festival of sacrifice’. Bakri-Id starts from the tenth to the twelfth day in the Islamic month of Dhu’l Hijjah which is twelfth and last month of Muslim calendar.

Bakrid 2015 – When is Bakrid?

The dates for Bakrid are calculated according to the Islamic calendar and the dates for upcoming years are as follows:

  1. Bakrid 2012 was celebrated on Friday, the 26th of October
  2. Bakrid 2013 was celebrated on Tuesday, the 15th of October
  3. Bakrid 2014 falls on Saturday, the 4th of October
  4. Bakrid 2015 is on September 23.

Bakrid Legend

This festival is celebrated as a commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to offer his only son as a sacrifice at God’s command in his dream. But when he was about to sacrifice his son Allah intervened and he  stated that he need not carry out His order and was further instructed to sacrifice a lamb instead of his only son and it was also revealed to him that he has passed the test of devotion. Bakrid is a celebration of ardent faith of the believers in Allah and His word Quran. Bakrid coincides with the Haj pilgrimage in Mecca. And it also coincides with the day when the holy Quran was declared complete. The festival is celebrated for three days.

Why Bakrid is Celebrated in India?

During this festival animal sacrifice is the most significant ritual. This is done to commemorate Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his own son to please God, the almighty’s mercy in substituting a lamb for the child and to honour this test of faith. The animal can be sacrificed anytime during the first three days of Bakrid after the morning prayers. People sacrifice goat or lamb and the meat is distributed among friends, neighbours and also for the poor. The sacrificed meat is divided into three parts- one-third portion of its meat is given to the poor, one third to the relatives and the family that sacrifices the animal retains only a small portion. Exchanging and distributing the meat of sacrificed animal is considered as blessed according to the religious belief.

How Bakrid is Celebrated in India?

People celebrate the festival by wearing new clothes and offering special prayers in the mosque. Chanting of Takbir loudly before the Eid prayer on the first day and after the Eid prayer on the second and the third day is an important aspect of the festival.Special delicacies and sweets are prepared on the occasion of Bakrid and distributed among friends and relatives.  It is a day of family gatherings when all the family members and friends meet each other and greet each other

Bakrid has immense religious significance and it is a festival of great faith and rejoice.